fit and healthy - 02.04.2014

We've just had a great article in Metro about Villa Ostria on Paxos. The journalist was extolling the virtues of the multi-gym, ping pong table and private basketball court. We have NEVER come across another villa with its own basketball court.


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dunking biscuits - 10.03.2014

Dunking takes a lot of skill - both in Greece and in the UK.

With all this talk of giving up sugar we thought we'd celebrate with another delicious recipe from Sam in Paxos. 

This time for Honey Macaroni

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somerset swamp - 20.02.2014

We have just experienced our wettest January on record. Somerset is under water. Luckily for us in Bruton we are a little bit elevated (although the river Brue does look pretty high at the moment).

I was in A&E over Christmas

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