can't get better than this - 13.10.2014

Nick, a solicitor from Gloucestershire, is a great client of ours. 
He has travelled with us many times. Here is what he had to say last week about his most recent holiday in Turkey:

"I am sure you have already gathered that

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Bruton - 24.09.2014

As the late warmth of the summer wends its way down the high street in Bruton. We find ourselves suddenly working in the most fashionable town in England. 

Our small town has become the Notting Hill of the South West

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dont beat yourselves up - 13.08.2014

After all the chat of bikini and beach diets we were THRILLED to received this hilarious line from one of our lovely clients who has just come back from Greece:

"The wardrobe space was extremely generous and if I could have taken the

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