choices, choices, choices - 09.01.2012

When it comes to booking a holiday there has NEVER EVER before been quite so much choice as there is now. From where you to, to what you do, how you get there & where to stay when you do.

We were so confused by the choice as mothers of big families we decided to create Scott Williams in order to take some of the muddle out of the vast wilderness of holiday accommodation. We have whittled down the epic choice to include only the very best (& this doesn't mean only the very expensive because the 2 are not mutually exclusive).

If you weren't spoilt for choice before, you certainly are now. Especially as we are so proud of our editing down of the selection. The portfolio is brimming with new houses, but if you're still confused we just LOVE talking to people so, give us a buzz and we'll demystify it all for you!