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Corfu is an island with so much variety. We have a choice of beautiful houses to visit. With its great beaches and fabulous restaurants, fans of Corfu come back & back.


The tiny Greek island of Paxos is heaven. Endless olive groves, tiny coves and dramatic cliffs. Paxos is only accessible by sea so has remained incredibly unspoilt.


As picturesque and calm as Homer painted it 3 thousand years ago. This tiny island has a small influx of tourists & daytrippers but it is just about as unspoilt as Europe can be.


This island is dotted with white beaches and beautiful bays. The northern village of Fiskardo is so pretty with its Venetian buildings, lovely harbour and great fish tavernas.


The furthest south of the Ionian islands where the clear blue waters mean fabulous snorkeling & where swimming with turtles in beautiful blue caves is no longer a dream.


Lefkada translates from the Greek as The White Island. This should just about tell you everything! It is a paradise of white beaches & the very clearest of sea.


Many people have never even heard of Andros - that made us want to find out more about it. It’s a glorious old fashioned Greek island with so much to offer and virtually free of Brits.


Hydra is a small island in the Saronic Islands in the Aegean Sea. Free of cars, the locals go everywhere on horseback or by boat. The entire island is a preserved national monument.

Greek Mainland

The Ambracian Gulf is on the west coast of mainland Greece. We have three new villas - 2 in the bay of Paleros & 1 near the town of Amphilochia.

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