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The delights of Turkey spread thousands of miles, as one of Europe’s biggest countries it has so much to offer. It borders eight other countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq and Syria).

The Datca & Bodrum Peninsula are still unspoilt by mass tourism. Visit the restaurants and sample the delicious cuisine prepared with fresh local produce.

Guaranteed sun in the summer months has made Turkey the favourite holiday destination for several years – partly due to the fact that it has hung on to its Turkish Lira (the Euro-dodger has found it incredibly good value!).

From sea level right up to the top of Mount Ararat at 5166m above sea level, this is an enormous country with so much to see.

The Turks are passionate about their food. They have drawn influences from all corners of the former Ottoman Empire, and each region today boasts its own speciality.

The food is spicier and richer the further south and east you travel, whilst in the west, olive oil, seafood and vegetable dishes are more prevalent.
Datca is famous for its restaurants which serve fresh fish at very reasonable cost.

Kebabs and mezes abound. Aubergines, garlic and hot peppers are used in much of the cooking. Some regions have their own special pasta dishes.

With over 8000 km of coastline and over 300 blue flag beaches, Turkey makes the perfect spot for beach holidays. The country has some of the most beautiful pristine beaches in Europe, often with a backdrop of lush green forests and just a stone’s throw from an archaeological treasure. Many secluded beaches can be enjoyed by boat. There is sailing and windsurfing on many beaches.

During the summer months, al fresco dining is the norm, particularly along the coastal areas. Spend warm nights drinking in meyhanes, these tavernas serve raki, beer and wine, along with an awe-inspiring selection of meze, succulent kebabs and fruits of the season. There is live entertainment including lots of dancing (the most common dance is the halay). There are, of course, many clubs with the ubiquitous belly dancer, a sight for all!

A rich history has left an indelible mark and Turkey, and the country overflows with historic sites and archaeological wonders set in a varied and beautiful landscape. The Mediterranean coastline is punctuated with well-preserved Greco-Roman cities such as Pergamom and Ephesus, while the austere and rugged Anatolian plateau has cave churches hidden away in the fairytale landscape of Cappadocia. Istanbul, still very much the pulse of the nation, has even more to offer, with Roman aquaducts, Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques and palaces.

Such a huge country has attracted so many famous people over the years including Kate Winslet, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and mmm Frank Skinner...among others.

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