Victoria and Maymie

Flo Grayson

Sales Manager & Greek expert

Iona Olea

Sales, Croatian expert & Office Management

Mela Kontaris

Paxos Manager

Emily Matcham

Client & Owner Liaison

Jessica Drummond Smith

Client Liaison

Iris Ogilvy

Sales and Client Liaison


Paxos Rep


Paxos Rep

Sarah Flaherty

Finance assistant

Abe Hooberman

Finance assistant

Susie Aust

PR -

Scott Williams was set up by Maymie and Victoria in 2007 out of frustration that there was simply too much choice online. They are now supported by a fabulous team in the office and many more across Europe.

They say:

“We represent over 150 outstanding villas. Each has been hand picked by us for its individuality and special features. Our criteria is to select a house which offers something different; something which sets it apart from your average holiday house and makes it extraordinary. This might be a breathtaking view, a fabulous pool or a private beach. Big or small, these villas are all unique and all offer you something wonderful.

“Every year we edit our list of villas and add new houses in the Autumn. All year these villas are ‘waiting in the wings’ so just ask and we can send them to you ahead of time.

“We are among the leading experts in our field, picked up by How to Spend It magazine, Victoria is quoted as the ‘go-to-woman’ for any villa on Paxos. We have many, high profile clients who come back and back. If you need to know if there are roses in the garden, soaps in the bathroom or local olive oil in the cupboard, just ask.”

Company news hot off the press!
We have become a limited company.
In March 2016 Scott Williams Villas Bruton Limited (company number 10075226) was incorporated.
The former company, Scott Williams Villas LLP, will be dissolved in early 2018.  This will not have any impact on our day to day operations.

Interesting nugget: The first two families we ever sent away were called Scott and Williams!
Best Quote: Scott Williams are Gold Dust to Families with Children (Conde Nast Traveller)


Susie Aust

15 High Street
BA10 0AB

01749 812 721

Victoria: 07817 341 749
Maymie: 07775 521 701

We have a whole portfolio of houses which the owners have asked us to keep out of the public domain. If you are looking for a special house but can't immediately see it on our website, please ask.

We may well have it up our sleeve.

We're good at the chatty bit so please call us - it's the best way.

For general inquiries please email

Our inclusive concierge service

If you'd like a carer or a cook , a helicopter or a high chair just ask. We can arrange all these things and more for you, as part of our ordinary service.

Your happiness

If you're happy on holiday then we will have done our job. If you're not happy we'll do something about it. We pride ourselves on our contented clients and are good at sorting out any problems while you're away.


If you would like to speak with someone who has previously stayed in one of our villas, please ask and we will put you in touch. See our Clients section for more information.

Villa owners

We are permanently on the lookout for new and beautiful houses. Our portfolio gets edited all the time. Do get in touch if you'd like to work with us. We are small and don't treat your house like just another on a conveyor belt of hundreds of villas.


All our houses are fully insured - we ask that all our clients are also fully insured. Flights are not included in the cost of the villa.

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