Call This Holiday?

3 weeks on a tiny island in August is so indulgent

Secret Beach Paxos

We decided to spend a full three weeks on Paxos this summer – inviting our other friends to the island at the same time meant we were surrounded by love and fun!

Paxos left me with that delirious feeling I always get on ‘the island’ – it really is in my blood now – and I think I’m passing the bug on as my children wouldn’t allow me to take them anywhere other than Paxos!

The place was looking so beautiful – it never disappoints.

We were a big group of almost 30 people, buzzing around the coves in little boats, sailing boats and, you know who you are, one great big beautiful boat! Introducing my friends to my favourite place in the world was so satisfying. Some of them loved it so much that they’ve booked again for next summer.

We celebrated our great friend’s birthday in style, eating at Bastas’ on Monodendri – and Basta did us proud, he really did.

Delicious local food, scrummy wine and dancing on the beach!

A stunning evening picture of Loggos in paxos showing all the lights from the boats reflected in the sea

It was fabulous being right on the spot – seeing our clients having such a lovely time and being able to recommend the best spots to them. For the most part, it was a holiday… but actually feel I might need another one very soon!

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