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Listen to what our lovely client, Nick, had to say about Turkey

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Nick, a solicitor from Gloucestershire, is a great client of ours. He has travelled with us many times. Here is what he had to say last week about his most recent holiday in Turkey:

I am sure you have already gathered that our week at the villa was a huge success.

But I did want to reiterate our thanks for the care you have taken to ensure that your visitors are so well provided for. Victoria and Maymie have set a standard in previous years at other houses we have stayed in, but their judgement remains, it seems, unimpeachable and their endorsements of the villa, fully vindicated.

As one of our children commented during our stay “How do you find these houses…”

The almost complete absence of foreign tourism,

a setting to die for, and so many practicalities addressed with an innate understanding of what matters, all contributed to an ideal holiday. And then there was the cooking. We were so spoilt! Hicran and Jakup were so attentive and efficient and I doubt we would have eaten better if you had installed Claudia Rodin in the kitchen! Hicran took so much care over every aspect of each meal and added enormously to the authenticity of our stay. It was a wonderful week for us all. It could not have been bettered! Thank you again Ever Nick”

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