Don’t Beat Yourselves Up

Just love the way you look, don’t worry about the scales!


After all the chat of bikini and beach diets we were THRILLED to received this hilarious line from one of our lovely clients who has just come back from Greece:

“The wardrobe space was extremely generous and if I could have taken the mirror home from the master dressing room I would have as it is the most flattering mirror I have ever used and gave one enormous amounts of confidence to sport swimwear, even if in your heart you knew it wasn’t quite right but who cares – maybe we should all have one of these mirrors and not slate ourselves so much!!”

Thanks for that refreshing take on how we look on holiday. We simply wanted to say let’s not beat ourselves up about how we look on the beach, let’s enjoy our time away, eat the delectable food on offer – relax and laugh with friends. Just what a holiday is all about!

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