Essential for the Essentials

Pack the right bag that takes you from beach to club

Basket in white sandy beach

Baskets come in bright colours nowadays…

… perfect for the beach. Some have the addition of pom poms or jewels. And they work really well as storage during the winter months. Fill them with scarves or jewellery and they will brighten any dark bedroom corner.

Beach bags are the summer essential for storing all your summer essentials. We love the idea of packing something flat that will work as a beach bag and a groovy handbag in the market. We are currently scouting about for a beautiful beach bag to send our guests for next summer… watch this space.

Blue basket on white sandy beachBeach babes can get away with old or new bags

so long as they are big enough to fit a dry bikini and a towel sometimes the battered bags look better on the beach than the brand new.

Baskets also work well but wont pack as flat so are good to take on the plane. Children love baskets as they can help themselves easily to mummy’s lipstick or chewing gum (possible downside?!).

But we don’t want the style to slip now do we? For stunning bags look no further than Aspiga or Hush. J Crew do a great line in beach bags too and, if you really want to splash out, our current favourite is Sophie Anderson. Zara always have wonderful summer canvas bags – the Spanish know how to do beach style!

Take your beach bags to the beach – we have so many beautiful houses on the beach where they would look just perrrrrrrfect!

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