Fit and Healthy

Inspire your office - throw away the sugar!

House with pool

We’ve just had a great article in Metro about Villa Ostria on Paxos. The journalist was extolling the virtues of the multi-gym, ping pong table and private basketball court. We have NEVER come across another villa with its own basketball court.

What a fabulous way to stay fit and healthy on your holiday. Bringing out the endorphins really is the way forward… and anyway isn’t fit the new skinny?

Which is why we (ahem) in the office have started our fitness regimes a little later in the year than most.

Joining the local gym for one of us has been a great show of strength and determination, one member of the office has given up all sugar, we have one who charges around the streets of Bruton on a daily dog walk and another whose diet is a little like that of a rabbit, munching delicious raw fruit and veggies.

So it’s time to inspire your own office – throw away the sugar, lift up your toes and get outside. It doesn’t half make a difference and we are all loving the new us!

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