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We are just back from Paxos and Corfu where we saw over 40 new villas in 4 days

We really don’t like to complain about hard work but we are just back from Paxos and Corfu where we saw over 40 fresh and new villas in 4 days…in 30 degree heat.

Although we were suffering, the sweltering temperatures were being enjoyed by the very few holiday makers who were there. The end of September is THE best time to go to Greece, glorious sunny days, restaurants all still open and you get the beaches to yourself.

We are always taken aback by the beauty of both those Ionian Islands

The view from Corfu across to Albania is like something out of a movie (and if you’ve never done the Corfu thing we urge you to go just for the extraordinary view). In Paxos the view of the mainland is much further away but the views of the island itself and the endless turquoise seas are wonderful, even the buildings are stunning..

We are so excited about the new properties – 25 will hit the site in the next month or so. We have now employed a wonderful copy writer to help us out so welcome to the growing team, Emma Kennerley, who is an old friend to Scott Williams and has done some research for us before.

We will tweet and FB when the new houses are up on the site.

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