Get it While you’re Away

Dressing for the summer is a doddle!

Shopfront in Greece

One of most indulgent things about getting away is that the choice of summer kit, the markets in a summer resort are always better than the local department store in dreary Somerset!

Markets abound with colour and delicious fabrics, lace, silk and cotton shouts out as you wander by supping on an ice cream. At night the shopkeepers open up the fronts of their stores to show off their beautiful wares. Stunning leather sandals sit alongside practical rubber shoes for children.

Even the hardware shops look great at night – those bright red tin pots in Greece which every taverna serves its house wine from… so inviting!

Bikinis in a foreign country just seem to fit better than the (vastly overpriced) versions you can get in the UK. Sarongs, flip flops, sunglasses and shorts – such a great choice when you’re abroad.

Infact, here’s an idea. Don’t pack anything at all. Just your toothbrush and some mascara – then grab an outfit or two which will work day to night and you’re away.

Who needs more than a couple of t shirts, a good dress and a bikini to have fun?

Leaves more room for all that other desperately urgent stuff you need – you know, bracelets, rings, necklaces… how COULD you have survived without it all?!

And don’t forget how great those new clothes will look by the pool at your gorgeous villa!

The Sea

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