Greek Easter

Sam in Paxos talks about Greek Easter

Church Cross

Greek Easter was such fun and I felt very lucky spending it with good friends, my lovely Mum and some of the Scott Williams team. Yes the Hoobermans can’t stay away from this amazing island and it was with open arms their local friends met them at the harbour in Loggos on what was a beautiful bright sunny day.

Easter is a very important occasion in the Greek calendar

many still fast for the 40 days leading up until Easter Sunday and the churches are filled with the haunted chanting of mass taking place in the lead up to the big day. Saturday night was spend in Loggos and just before midnight we all went into the little church in the village to light our candles. We walked back with candles still alight to bring good luck for the rest of the year, families then return home for the traditional dish of Mayiritsa (offal soup) which breaks the 40 days of fasting.

An image of candles in a church - someone is lighting the candles, lots of long, tall, beautiful wax throwing off stunning light

Easter Sunday was spent with our good friend and chef Spyro at his restaurant in Gaios, Carnayo. The lamb was cooked on the spit from the early hours and red eggs adorned the tables, these represent rebirth and the blood of Christ. The rest of the day was great fun to say the least.

In amongst all this merriment Victoria and I visited villa owners and went to some exciting new properties. We visited our local chefs, boat and car hire agents and of course new places to eat, all in the name of research of course!

Helping to ensure that our clients this summer always enjoy everything Paxos has to offer.

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