Introducing Finca Aguila

We delve into the inspiration behind the contemporary Mediterranean interiors in one of our newest Menorcan villas...

Built in the 19th century as a weekend getaway by a family of wealthy merchants, a huge amount of pride has been invested in this exquisite property since its very beginnings.

Finca Aguila, Menorca

Fast forward to today and the current owners were delighted to come across this rarity of a house in the depths of the countryside and relished the opportunity to breathe new life into it; restoring its personality as well as a beautiful element of Menorca’s heritage.

One just doesn’t find this kind of historically tinted mansion by the sea in Menorca. So when we saw this finca, ideally positioned in a very private and exclusive piece of land whilst at the same time an easy and short drive from the island’s main towns and beaches, with gardens, farmland and lots of possibilities (including hidden treasures such as its vaulted ceilings and Cuban tiles!) we were won over.

And so, a loving restoration began. Inspiration was drawn from the Menorcan countryside (think whitewashed farmhouses, a grey-green colour palette, Mediterranean plants and stone walls) and combined with the mixed influences of the property’s heritage – a nod to British elegance, French charm, Spanish authenticity alongside Moorish touches can all be found here.

The aim was to convert a grand but austere and dark living space into a beautiful, inviting, light and comfortable house with a very relaxed feel. A feeling of home-from-home in a property big enough to allow for big gatherings without anyone feeling cramped!

Working with French architects and interior designers Atelier Du Pont, the scheme aimed to soften the edges of the grand, noble and heavily structured spaces adding light and making every aspect feel comfortable and easily accessible. Original detailing was loving restored and complemented with whitewashed masonry, worktops, bespoke carpentry and tiles restored to their former glory (which have become one of the finca’s main features).

Curtains and upholstery where selected by Agnes Comar in collaboration with Atelier du Pont to bring character, warmth and depth to each room. Local craftsmen worked tirelessly on the fabric of the house to restore its integral charm while furniture and accessories were selected and sourced by the owners to imbue a beautiful mix of European influences. The finca’s name ‘The Eagle’s Beak’ presented a natural theme for decorative touches and artworks.

“The library is a favourite spot for a relaxing moment enjoying a book and views of the sunset as well as the stunning geometric pattern of the garden – just sit near the fountain and take it all in… and of course, lazing around in the delightfully long pool is also an undeniable favourite!”

Finca Aguila has been designed to be a place that brings people together. Creating time to enjoy each other’s company as well as offering a peaceful refuge from the rigours of everyday life. It is a warm, welcoming, stylish place to unwind against a backdrop of wonderfully wild beaches, nature and an authentic Menorcan heritage, unchanged for generations.

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