Marvel at Mallorca

We’ve discovered some of Mallorca’s best kept secrets.

Mallorca, Spain

This island is our new favourite place on earth.

We have just come back from a fabulous trip to Mallorca. The place is so beautiful at this time of year, full of blossom and just teeeeeming with lemons and oranges, we were given lemons everywhere we went and we’ve been slicing them into our vodkas and lemon drizzle recipes ever since (more of the former…shamefully).

We visited Deia, this small gem of a place has to be seen once in your lifetime

Mallorca is full of unexpected surprises. The tiny northern village of Deia was built atop a winding road many hundreds of years ago. Today it attracts a very cool set – from pop stars and writers to artists and film stars, the village has amazing views across the sea. A short walk will take you down to the Cala Deia, a desperately cool cove which attracts a very groovy bunch.

The restaurants in the village attract visitors from all over the island. From Sebastian’s and Jaime’s in the main street to the glory of the Residencia Hotel’s El Olivo. You will be spoilt for choice (take your Jimmy Choos, this is glamour with a capital G.

Deia Street

We have found a fabulous covey of houses in and around Deia – one particularly gorgeous one right on the beach in the Cala Deia. Another large villa just outside Pollensa was like a parody complete with amazing views.

There were lemon and mandarin groves as far as the eye could see

We couldn’t believe our eyes – there were pale mountains behind the house and the tinkle of donkey bells in the distance. This place was like heaven on earth!

Some of our best houses can be found in the north of the island – villas galore for you to explore

So excited about all these houses – dreaming about going back already!

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