Mooching about in Marrakech

Lifting the spirits in Morocco

Two dreamy days in Morocco in November was all we needed to lift the spirits, we managed to miss all the hideous rain in the UK, the sun was high in the sky, days of a balmy 25 degrees and nights cold enough to snuggle around a fire. Just perfect.

We visited four glorious villas in the Ourika Valley just south of Marrakech.

All quite different and each with something fabulous to offer, we’ve decided to take all four on so we now have a great little programme of houses to offer our clients at Christmas and New Year.

The delightful Nourradine and his wife, Habiba, invited us in to their villa where we were treated like royalty (do we always say that? well this time we mean it) – a delicate glass of sweet Moroccan tea was offered on the terrace before we took a proper look around the gorgeous house, then off to the souk with Nourradine. What a great experience.

The faces of sun ravaged market holders, the cries of babies tied to mother’s backs, the eery wheeze of snake charmer’s music, the shouts between friends, noisy scooters and the loud call to prayer that goes on just a 3 hour flight away is hard to imagine now as I sit at my desk on a cold Somerset morning.

Camels in the Moroccan desert

It was a whirlwind tour of the city, we were lavished with lovely gifts, we’ve come back laden with ginger and spices & a pair of leather slippers each.

I’ll be taking my own family out to the Ourika valley next October for a hit of sunshine and some Christmas shopping… dreaming already.

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