Networking or Notworking

Learning how to interact with our clients online is crucial

Social Media Flowers

We have just spent a fabulously amusing morning in the most welcoming and hospitable of homes with the lovely Sparky Bakewell (@sparkybakewell) who explained to us THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING

under the guise of work. Our favourite sort of morning.


Some of us there had never touched Twitter or Facebook while others have dipped their toe in a bit – some are prolific bloggers look out for @theflowerfarmer. Scott Williams is about to start… yes, no more radio silence, we intend to have a proper twitter presence (rather than just our own, personal amusing anecdote). Enthused we are!


Image of the words

To launch ourselves as tweeters we promise to bring you the best in villas, some great deals, local tales from our friends in the islands, some freebies… but most of all we intend to make you laugh & enjoy Scott Williams on a new platform.

It will be a good tonic as the nights draw in as we begin to dream of the warm sun, the blue of the mediterranean and all that delicious fresh food…

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