New & Lovely

September means new houses, new and lovely!

The joy of September (apart from wearing socks again – wahay!) is it is our time for taking stock, editing, adding to the website (and taking away) and finding our feet again.

Taking on new and lovely things is our mantra at this time of year – we have taken on the delicious Mirabel who is new and lovely, she is being so helpful, researching villas, countries, generally sorting us out and creating exciting images from boring ones and just doing her fabulous thing.

As well as staff we are taking on new and lovely villas – a whole host of them this month, including the delicious revamped Quatros Vientos in Ibiza. This house has been on our portfolio for the last six years but we removed it from the site a year ago as it underwent a fabulous transition. The film-making owners have spent a year developing the house and it really shows.

Clean lines and comfort marry beautifully with incredible 360 views from this hilltop haven.

We’ve been to the house many times but it never fails to amaze, this is a gem of a villa and one we’d urge you to look at… especially as it’s still fully available for 2014.

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