On the Beach

Now is the time to be booking your family holiday

Blue Sea

Beach-side villas are quite the thing right now

We’ve had such a run on request for houses on or near the sea and it doesn’t surprise us.

Children and adults alike just love that thing of running down to the sea and swimming in the wild open long before anyone else is out of bed. A dip before breakfast is just heavenly.

Image of Little Artemis, the house is white with grey shutters, the beautiful blue pool is in the foreground and there are purple agapanthus flowers too. There is a sun umbrella casting shade over the stunning scene

Try Waterside House in Paxos which is just on the edge of the village of Lakka or Kingfisher Pointin Corfu. Both these houses are RIGHT on the sea and you’ll be the envy of your friends when they see the pics on Facebook!

Both these houses have amazing pools with glorious views across the Ionian Sea. We’ve been to both houses and they are quite, quite stunning.

If Ithaca floats your boat we’ve found an amazing new house

called Ithaca Bay House is just above the sea and a fabulous little taverna which you can wander down to for an ice cream, lunch or even just a beer early evening.

There’s nothing nicer than running down the beach with your little ones in tow, or letting them run while you watch them from the safety of your long island iced tea in the shade. Take a good book and they will be happy for hours and hours.

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