Phenomenal Paxos

Searching for new villas on Paxos

Paxos Sea

Paxos was WONDERFUL, we saw 4 new houses including the very sumptuous, spacious & glorious Waterside House just above Lakka. Our first clients arrive there in mid May and we can’t wait to hear what they think.

We took Florence with us who is now our official photographer – she adds a bit of glamour to our trips

A beautiful blonde in Paxos always goes down well and opens many doors!

Spiros Taxidi olive groves

Spiro Taxidi was as welcoming as ever and a very special day out with him walking through the olive groves just underlined for us how generous the locals are. His bar in Loggos was awash with Paxiots who were gearing up for a busy season.

We stayed at the new boutique hotel, Torre e Merli, and our friend Tassos showed us his new menus and the wine list. It was strange staying there out of season but we had the place to ourselves so had a really good snoop in every room.

Spiro Carnayo has started a new delivery service on the island so you can now enjoy restaurant-standard food in the comfort of your villa

He will deliver pretty much anything & he let us sample some of his menus. More DELICIOUSness including his home made taramasalata, fabulous Pizza, salads and an endless stream of different wines to sample.

We can’t wait to show you the result of all our findings!

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