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Conde Nast Traveller - we love you!

We are thrilled with all the publicity we have received since November last year – at last count a total of 15 articles with more to come.

But none has thrilled us more than the most recent accolade from Conde Nast Traveller we thought we’d include it here incase you missed it:

“With nine children between them, Hooberman and White of Scott Williams (Scott and Williams are their maiden names) are well versed in the pitfalls of family holidays – the flights that land in the middle of the night, the tantrums thrown in the car-hire queue, the search for the supermarket on the first morning when everyone is impossibly hot and hungry. So what they have come up with is an eclectic array of quirky and unusual private holiday homes in the Mediterranean that won’t freak out your brood.

Booking the house is just the start of it. Now there’s a mine of information at your fingertips, a mass of brilliantly useful tips and pointers – not just where the nearest shops are but also which bakery sells its pastries at half price after midday. if EasyJet spits you out at the crack of dawn before the villa is ready, your luggage can be sent on ahead, sunbeds will be reserved on the beach and a table booked for lunch. Cases of serious wines and top chefs from London are as easily arranged as babysitters and nannies.

These names are gold dust to anyone with offspring.”

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