What do style icons take on holiday?

What do the rich and famous take away with them? Why should we care?

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From Sophia Loren to Kylie – we have always been obsessed with what celebrities do in their spare time, and what they wear on holiday is a great fascination for many of us. But why this burning desire to know? William and Kate’s recent trip to Burma has been more documented than most – and Kate’s wardrobe has been the subject of much daytime TV deliberation and even the broadsheets have devoted pages to her style.

Sadly, most of us don’t have the option of a new outfit every day on holiday. I must make do with what I can dredge up from my “holiday drawer” or what Top Shop is offering on its sale page – or (better) grab a clever bargain from the local charity shop.

For today’s celebrity bloggers, vloggers, actresses or singers, the sky is the limit. We have created these beasts, our interest in them only fuels their desire to give us more, and for the big companies to hand out freebies… or now, in many cases, the big companies are actually paying celebs to give them a mention. So a freebie that also pays! What a great job.

If vlogger, Zoella, decides to put on a particular pair of white sunglasses from New Look they are sold out instantly and if Kim Kardashian promotes a certain hand creme don’t expect to be able to get your hands on it. Instagram has an awful lot to answer for and these influencers certainly do influence us all.

Instagram is now leading the way, bloggers simply tag what they are wearing and, boom, sold out.

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So long as we have somewhere beautiful to show off our wares, we are happy to watch the celebs from the other side of Instagram, and we will be digging out our favourite old espadrilles again this summer. Why would you chuck the faves just because Gwynnie has new ones?

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