This is What I Call a Holiday

A delightful 2 weeks spent in Italy is hard to beat

Valley in Umbria, Italy

2 glorious weeks just outside the Umbrian hill town of Citta della Pieve in a sumptuous villa in one of the most beautiful places, we ate and drank like royalty – why is that you can’t get a bad meal in Italy?

Oodles of creamy gelati, tender lamb, a million different varieties of pizza and fresh pasta: Pici (a sort of fat spaghetti) is the local variety of pasta; the local restaurants only serve the local produce so the choice is wonderfully small.

In one tiny restaurant we inhaled the world’s BEST and most mouthwatering carbonara, accompanied by a delicious local Chianti – it was, essentially, the sitting room of a lovely family house. We made trips to Montepulciano, Orvieto and Cortona, and bought more wine, more cheese and MORE porcini.

The villa had its own sweet and succulent tomatoes which we picked daily from the organic garden which also gave us aubergine, lettuce, grapes, rocket, cucumber and on and on.

Just thinking about the fresh food of Italy is making me hungry

We have come home with the biggest piece of Parmesan you’ve ever seen as well as several different choices of Pecorino and a fabulous pizza cutter spied in a local market!

delicious looking salad of feta cheese, tomato and black olives with basil

Am officially now on a diet…

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