Travel Apps you can’t Live Without

You didn’t even know you needed them - here are the best travel apps around

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  1. Spots (free) – the wifi finder for when you can’t get your 3 or 4G to work. This works offline (important!) and will match your location to a database of half a million wifi hotspots.
  2. Whats App (free) – free text messaging, crucial if you want to send images home while you’re away or if you want to text your friends who are also with you.
  3. TravelSafe Pro (£0.99) – this app might just save your life, shows details of embassies, police, ambulance, fire for practically every single country you can name.
  4. Weather Pro (£2.59) – pay the extra for this great app which displays reliable information on local forecasts, long term weather, daylight hours and the rest.
  5. Viator (free) – enables you to filter and book thousands of guided tours depending on where you are, tells you special offers, child-friendly events and much, much more.
  6. Tidealist (free) – for the surf dudes out there, use this for the most up to date information on waves, tides and weather conditions for many of the best surf areas.
  7. Perfect World Clock (free) – will allow you to access the time in thousands of cities around the world. You can also have several clocks as home-screen widgets.
  8. Onavo (free) – a fabulous way of saving money overseas, limit the amount of data coming into your phone such as picking up emails, posting to Facebook and downloading attachments.
  9. CBBC (free) – a must-have for any frazzled parent, download a host of programmes before you go away and allow tired children some screen time on long journeys.
  10. Packing Pro (£1.99) – tell it where you are off to, how long for and who with, it will suggest what you might need to pack – intriguing and unnecessary but made it in at number 10.

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