Travelling with Children

We are experts at helping our families reach their destination

For all those of you travelling this summer with children, listen up! We have 11 children between us so we’re now the world’s experts at helping our families reach their destination in the most stress-free way possible.

First tip, check the expiry date of a child’s passport.

You need to have 6 clear months before expiration or you won’t be allowed to travel. And children’s passports run out every 5 years… so it’s really easy to be holding an expired passport in your palm when you are checking in.

Image of two british passports sitting on top of a map

Packing for children is a doddle

if you’re going somewhere hot remember they spend most of their time in their swimmers so take only a few other things, stuff that washes easily, one jumper, one pair of shoes, ok two. Done.

If you have a baby (or twin babies in our case!) then travelling light is virtually impossible, try not to stress too much. This phase does not last long. There are some fabulous websites that sell everything from travel changing mats to small packs of made up formula. Most people understand that babies cry. We’ve all done an entire journey with a screaming baby on our knee so ignore any tutting from neighbours, babies don’t cry forever. Pack Rescue Remedy – a fabulous herbal help – both my husband and I used to take it in the airport and we would float onto the plane in blissfully relaxed moods…

I usually take one new book each for the airplane that will then take them through the holiday. . Boiled sweets are a great distraction for nervous flyers – we’ve got one of those too – & are great bribes.

We were once delayed by 4 hours in an airport so I secretly went around taking close-up pictures of different parts of the departure lounge, the children then spent a happy hour running backwards and forwards trying to find my “still lifes” – instant treasure hunt!

Children above a certain age are strangely helpful when you arrive in your destination airport – something to do with wanting to get there – so make the most of that.

Hire car queues at airports and children are a hideous combination. Where we can, Scott Williams will organise for hire cars to be delivered to your villa. Jump in a taxi if you can afford to and leave the queueing to those who aren’t in the know. And we will also ensure (again, where we can) that there is child-friendly food in the fridge on your arrival. If there’s a cook with your house we can get him/her to make a big pasta dish or something the children can devour immediately on arrival.

Just call us

Have a great holiday with your children, it’s such a precious time and once you crack the travelling bit you’ll just love it!

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