With Love From Paxos

This blog post from Sam, our lovely girl in Paxos


Well it feels like summer is just around the corner and to celebrate we had our first beach BBQ of the year. What an amazing day, bright blue sky, deserted beach some great friends, wine and freshly cooked fish: a dreamy combination.

I love this time of year, friends returning after the winter away,

the piazza is filled with friends re-uniting over coffee, all nationalities coming together, catching up on winter travels and feeling really quite excited about the summer ahead. The island is in bloom, the beautiful paths through the olive groves are scented with freesias and blossom, the sea is breathtakingly blue and the only sounds are from the birds and the waves lapping on the beach.

Field full of pink flowers with trees in the background

In the villages it is almost like a film set with shops and cafés opening their doors, most of the island is armed with a paint-brush as repairs and restorations are taking place in time for the summer, Soula and Spiro (our equivalent of B&Q!) are at their busiest.

I personally can’t wait to welcome our guests this summer, we have some lovely new houses on Paxos new properties that I know our clients will love and although extremely biased I could not imagine anywhere more beautiful than Paxos. Unfortunately Greece has had some negative press as late but it has not affected the island in anyway and I only hope that guests aren’t put off visiting what is such a relaxed and laid back place, to me it will always remain heavenly.

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