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Probably the most legendary of all Greek islands, Ithaca is still one of the least known which is what gives it its charm. It is a beautiful, beautiful island and still amazingly unspoiled by tourism. This is the island of Odysseus and only a short distance from Kefalonia.

It is the second smallest and the most under-developed island in the Ionian. Here you will find a special magic at every turn. Beauty reigns supreme throughout. In the trees, mountains and the impossibly blue sea. And in every little village with their brightly coloured blue doors and rough walls lost under countless layers of whitewash. Nestling under stunning sunsets. Days are slow and tranquil. Life is unhurried and pleasure is found in the most simple of pastimes.

That is not to say that there is nothing to do - quite the reverse. With a fabulous choice of watersports and some amazing villas, we think you will want to go back to those dreamy blue waters, amazing sunsets and want to relive some of the meals you experienced on the edge of the harbour.

For such a tiny island there are many local dishes including Savoro (fish baked with raisins), riganado (bread topped with oregano and cheese) and rovani (scrummy pudding made from ground rice & honey). Some locals have been known to take their bouzoukis to the tavernas so be prepared for long, fun evenings!

The sea is in the blood of many Ithacans. With such a historic love of the sea (epic journeys included!) the best thing to do is to hire a boat and explore some of the nearby islands. For the landlubber the wild & uninhabited mountains make for great walking.

This is not the place for all night dancing. There are some lovely tavernas and great bars and the villages are lively at high season. Enjoy the Greek hospitality after a late dinner on the sea and soak up the atmosphere after dark.

There are few archaeological sites for an island which has been around for, they think, 6 thousand years. The beautiful little churches & museums as well as all the lovely shops should keep you busy while you’re there.

...just sitting back and forgetting all about home life. The pace of life on Ithaca is not fast, enjoy the relaxed speed and take in the sights and sounds of a tiny island which is just how Greece used to be.

Charles and Diana spent some of their honeymoon here. Madonna & Rowan Atkinson have been & many celebrities take their boats to the bays around Ithaca.

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