We have chosen 3 villas on the west coast of mainland Greece. Staying with our theme of the Ionian, we felt that these houses would be perfect for our guests. This is very much an untouched area for the English tourist. Popular with Italians and Greeks what you get is a truly authentic experience.

The Ambracian Gulf is stunning in so many ways and is resplendent in beautiful plants, stunning clean beaches & turquoise seas.

Fish is an important part of daily meals, the locals serve it with garlic, lemon or herbs. The Greeks are known for their delicious sweet dishes and the local bakeries offer an abundant choice.

This part of Greece is not for the party animal. There are some great local bars & tavernas, you can drink cocktails under the stars or sample delicious fresh pizza cooked from wood-fired ovens. But the ravers should stay away. This area is known for its peace & quiet.

Those wanting to get away from the humdrum of everyday life. With extraordinary views & lovely bays to explore this part of Greece is perfect for a city dweller who longs for fresh air & sea breezes. Walkers will love this area out of season.

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