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At Scott Williams we are passionate about protecting the wonderful islands of the Ionian. We are the first villa company to establish a formal partnership with Ionian Environment Foundation, a pioneering environmental charity dedicated to protecting and conserving the Ionian environment. The IEF is part of a larger organisation, The Conservation Collective, funded in 2020 by Ben Goldsmith and Jade Brudenell, which supports environmental projects globally.

We offer our clients the opportunity to support the initiative by adding an optional donation of £20 or €25 to each booking within the Ionian.

We will ensure that the voluntary donation from each booking goes directly to the IEF in support of these local conservation projects and initiatives across our beloved Ionian Islands.

The IEF was established by friends of the Ionian Islands in 2019 to support and nurture local environmental initiatives dedicated to protecting and restoring the outstanding natural beauty of these islands and the seas around them. To date they have funded 18 impactful projects across the Ionian Region and their reach is growing.

For more information about the Ionian Environment Foundation and their key areas of concern and their projects click HERE.

To find out more about the Conservation Collective click HERE.

The IEF works hard to ensure that even small amounts of money can have maximum impact.

For example:

€1,500 grant supports setting up one new Green Corner on Corfu (community managed recycling centre) to help address the issue of poor waste management.

€2,500 grant supports replicating the educational programme Waste Action Awareness Week to another Ionian island with the aim of addressing the problem of single use plastics and excessive waste production at the source.

€5,300 supports monkseal identification and habitat mapping to ensure this endangered species found in the Ionian archipelago is monitored, documented and protected.

€2,500 supports the provision of biodiversity posters and teaching resources to Corfu’s 8000 primary school children to inspire interest and concern for conservation at a young age.

€10,000 supports mapping and analysis of posidonia meadows to document the value of these carbon sinks and promote their protection and conservation.

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