My family have a long standing love affair with Paxos going way back to the 70’s. We are completely hooked.

Over the last 14 years of running Scott Williams it felt like a natural progression for us to start sending our growing client list to our personal family paradise.

We find with our clients once they are hooked they come back and back relying on us to keep the dream going as their families grow.

We only choose the very best houses on the island so our clients can be guaranteed style and comfort.

As we know everyone on the island we are able to provide and source the very best of everything including chefs, beautiful hampers full of handpicked food and wine and everything from fabulous chefs to local mamas who provide delicious local dishes. One of our cooks actually takes the clients diving for their supper!

We have a fabulous Paxiot team on the island who are as passionate as we are about providing only the best of everything including getting you there seamlessly.

We help with hire of boats and cars and are on hand to book you the best table in the best spot!

We know every corner of Paxos and cant wait to tell you more!

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